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Mass Times


For details for movable Feasts and Festivals not shown please check the Newsletter.

Sunday and Vigil Mass Times

Church Place Day Time
St Mary's Beaudesert Saturday 6:30 pm
Sunday (1st, 3rd)* 6:30 am
Sunday 9:30 am
Sunday (2nd, 4th) 5:30 pm
St John the Baptist ** North Tamborine Saturday (2nd, 4th) 6:00 pm
Sunday (1st, 3rd, 5th) 8:00 am
_______________________ ___________________ _______________________ ____________

*  Seasonal, please check the Newsletter

**  This community has its own Pastoral Council, Liturgy Group and SVDP Society

Please refer to the Newsletter for Mass Times for the following week and weekend for the other Parish Churches.





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